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    Terms & Conditions

    “Bike in time” is a project owned and organized by Qwerty Consult, a Romanian company. We are an outdoor eco-tour project and we are acting as an adventure travel company. Participation in our tours are made according with the bellow Terms and Conditions. Therefore, as participant in our tours, you are required to enter into a travel agreement with us, according with the bellow regulations.

    Please read and agree on our terms and conditions before booking a tour!

    Participation in our tours

    By participating in our tours you agree the bellow terms and conditions.

    Participation in our tours is based on official agreement and based on the bellow terms and conditions. Each traveler will sign a release of liability agreement before the start of the tour.

    Your physical ability and eligibility:

    Participants in our tours are required to select a tour appropriate to their physical abilities and interests. You are responsible for reading all pre-trip materials, informing us of any medical or dietary restrictions, and following all outdoor traveling rules. We reserve the right to decline or withhold services to any person who, for physical or other reasons, is considered unfit for the trip. In any of the previous cases we will provide all assistance in order to customize a tour according with your physical ability and interests in order to offer you a suitable experience.

    You are responsible to organize your own international travel documents in order to participate in our tours. We are not responsible for cancelations or amendments due to visas or documentation.

    The travel insurance is mandatory for participating in our tours. We are not providing travel insurance and we recommend to purchase the travel insurance from a specialized agency in your country.


    You must be at least eighteen years of age to be able to register for one of our tours. As an exception, kids under eighteen but more than ten can join a tour based on a special agreement made by parents. An adult must accompany people younger than ten, who will take part in a tour. To ride in the support van, children under six years old must be accompanied by a parent.

    Behavior during the tour

    We reserve the right to refuse participation prior to or during a trip to any individual whose behavior and/or attitude interfere with general enjoyment and well-being of other tour members and if anyone, participant or our staff, is endangered by this individual. In case any of the above mentioned happens, we will not be liable to refund or pay any compensations.


    Each participant will sign the booking form and will agree the terms and conditions before the tour start.


     Booking process and pre-tour arrangements

    For securing your booking please complete the booking/enquiry form and pay the necessary deposit as early as possible. Our tours are subject to customize; please contact us in order to support you in the reservation and additional arrangements. We are highly recommend you to plan with us your trip before finalizing your travel arrangements for information on meeting points and schedules for arrivals/departures.

    Before starting a tour we must agree the agreement, including the “Terms and conditions”, the GDPR form and the “Release of liability agreement”, which are part of the agreement.

    We are not organizing visas and travel arrangements for you and we are not responsible for cancellations or amendments due to international travel documents.

    We are not providing travel insurance for you. We highly recommend to purchase a travel insurance from a specialized agency in your country.

    Confirmation and balance payment

    A tour confirmation is made once we receive a deposit for the reservation. The deposit is based on the invoice sent by us following your request for participation in the tour. The standard deposit is 200 EUR for the standard tours, but not more than 50% of the tour price).

    The balance payment must be received with minimum 30 days before the start of the tour, based on the invoice issued by us, following the final calculations of the cost, and based on the tour customizing requests.

    Change of booking, cancellations, transfers, and refunds

    Our cancellation policy is based on the number of days prior to tour start. Please note we must receive written notification of your cancellation within the number of days listed below. The date received at our office applies for Refund Policies.

    You can request changes in your booking after reservation or after the balance payment. We will do our best to meet your requirements in due time and to adjust the costs and the conditions for the tour. You agree that any change or additional request might affect the final price of the tour. However, if your requests are not possible to fulfill, we reserve the right to apply cancellation charges, according with the bellow cancellation rules. Bookings may be transferred to another person if desired. The already paid deposit can be used by you in other tour, with no penalties, less the cost already used for organizing the tour. If, after the start of the tour, you ask to change your itinerary, accommodation, duration or any other material aspect of the holiday, we cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or additional expenses and no refunds will be made. In order to avoid any situations which forces you to cancel a tour, we highly recommend to purchase a travel insurance.

    Tour Cancellation Fees*:

    # +90 days before departure: we will keep 50% of deposit as cancellation fee 
    # 61-90 days before departure: we will keep 100% of deposit as cancellation fee
    # 46-60 days before departure: we will keep 30% of trip price as cancellation fee (but not less than the deposit value)
    # 31-45 days before departure: we will keep 50% of trip price as cancellation fee
    # 0-30 days before departure: we will keep 100% of trip price as cancellation fee (no refund)

    * No exceptions are made to our cancellation policy, including weather and personal emergencies. There is no refund for arriving late or departing early from a tour, nor for any meals, or services not used while on tour. We are not responsible for cancellations, amendments, or additional fees due to acts of nature, civil unrest, strikes, work stoppage, force majeure or inclement weather.

    Services not used

    If, for any reason, during the tour, you are not using the paid services based on your decision, we will not refund the cost of the services.

    We will refund 100% the services not used due to our decision or due to our organization.

    Cancellations by us

    There are certain situations when we might cancel a tour:
    – we reserves the right to cancel a tour in any circumstances but we will not cancel a tour less than 90 days before departure except for force majeure, or the travelers’ failure to pay the final balance. Unless the travelers fails to pay the final balance, we will offer an alternative tour if possible. If this is not possible or acceptable by the traveler, a full refund will be sent to the client and this is considered full reimbursement. We will not be responsible for additional expenses, such as travel expenses (airline tickets and visa expense). We recommend to purchase a travel insurance for covering your additional costs as they are paid.
    – we reserve the right to cancel a tour when the minimum number of participants required running a holiday is not met. If possible, we will do our best to organize the tour even with one single participant, with potential higher cost. In this case, a customized proposal will be sent to the traveler(s). In case the traveler(s) are refusing the offer, you will be refunded in total amounts paid to us, which is not liable for any payments or compensations due to additional expenses.

    Changes in the program

    We require the normal flexibility of an adventure outdoor activity and acknowledge that delays and alterations and their results are possible.

    Changes in program might occur before or during the tour, due to situations outside our control (due to third parties or due to suppliers). In order to keep the contracted conditions, we reserve the right to change any of the facilities, services, and conditions described in the tour. We will inform the travelers as soon as possible about the changes and the conditions. If a major change is advised before departure, the traveler will have the choice of accepting the change (with additional conditions, if applicable), purchasing another available tour, or canceling the tour with full refund. Provided that the major change is not as a result of the situations outside company’s control, compensation will be paid as follows:

    # more than 10 days before the travel start date – none
    # less than 10 days before the travel start date – 30 EUR

    # during the tour – the calculated cost

    Accommodation, meals and luggage

    Each tour price is per person, based on double or single occupancy. For single travelers wishing to share a room, we cannot guarantee that a suitable share will be available, and if this is the case the supplement will be payable. We will inform you in due time if such a topic occurs.
    Each accommodation is verified by us before being used in our tours. We have our own checking list for including a hotel, a guesthouse or an inn in our tours. In order to offer you an authentic local experience, we are using 3* or 4* level accommodation in guesthouses, inns and local hotels with traditional cuisine. However, as our tours are subject to customization, we can offer different accommodation, based on your request, if possible. We will do everything in our power to secure you lodgings in our first-choice hotels/guest houses, but it may not be possible if you are booking less than three months before traveling or during a particularly busy season.

    For offering you authentic local experiences we are preparing local traditional meals in our tours. Our included meals are always prepared and organized by authorized restaurants and providers. Should you have any dietary restrictions and requests, please let us know in order to organize the meals accordingly. We will inform you about any changes in the cost of the tour, if applicable.

    We will respect your luggage at all times. However, we are not responsible for damage, loss or theft of your personal belongings.
    We are not responsible for cancellations or amendments due to acts of nature, civil unrest or inclement weather.

    Prices, payments, inclusions and non-inclusions

    Tour prices are presented in EUR. Prices are guaranteed independently of exchange rates variations. Payments can be done by wire/banking transfer or cash.

    The inclusions and non-inclusions are presented in the tour presentation.

    We do not include airfares and travel insurance.

    Bicycles and equipment offered by us

    For our tours we can offer bicycles and additionally outdoor equipment. Our bicycles are of quality up to international standards, produced by renowned makers. During our tours a participant is liable for using the equipment, damage other than the normal wear & tear, and in case of theft. If you decide to bring your bike it must be in suitable condition. For your comfort and safety we require to wear a helmet, up to international standards of safety, at all times when riding a bike. We are offering helmet at no additional cost.

    Travel insurance

    Travel insurance is mandatory in order to participate in our tours.

    We strongly recommend cancellation and accident insurance to prevent any losses in case of cancelation, illness, accidents, or any other events. It is the responsibility of the traveler to apply directly to the insurance company. Please purchase trip cancellation insurance in case an illness forces you to cancel or depart early from a trip. We recommend all participants to ensure their Travel Insurance has adequate coverage for Cancellation and Refund, Luggage, Medical Expenses and Repatriation, Death and Permanent Disability.


    The Romanian Law is applicable during our tours for all the signed agreements.

    A representative of our company in writing may only waive this “Terms and Conditions”. When you sign the Booking Form you agree to accept all these conditions, and when we accept your reservation we agree to carry out our obligations to you as defined in this document and other information provided to you.


    Within the limits of our obligation to exercise the care and diligence of prudent entrepreneurs, we warrant that the description of all specified travel services is correct at the time of the creation of the website, that the service providers (accommodation, meals, transport and others) have been properly selected and procured and that the tours have been conscientiously prepared and will be implemented with all due care. Transportation by rail, bus, train and the like during the trip are services which are only procured by us as agents and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective carrier; such terms and conditions shall also govern the limit of our liability. If a visit scheduled in the program is impracticable for reasons beyond our control (renovation of churches and the like), we cannot be held responsible. If an unforeseen event of force majeure (e.g., war, riot and civil unrest, etc) occurs and it must be expected, on the basis of an objective weighing of all circumstances, that carrying out the tour would become substantially more difficult or involve a substantial risk, the participant and/or us may each give notice of termination of the travel contract. This provision shall also apply if the tour has already started. However, in such a case, we retain the right to adequate compensation for the travel services already performed or yet to be performed until the end of the tour. The responsibility for complying with the road traffic regulations shall lie with you. You shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury you may cause to third parties. If you have personal liability insurance, it may provide coverage for such contingency. We are liable to you for compensation of the loss of or damage to your baggage only if such loss or damage is attributable to intent or gross negligence on our part. In other respects, our liability for damages on account of mal-performance of the contract is limited to an amount corresponding to three times the tour price, provided that the loss or damage has not been caused by us either intentionally or by gross negligence or if we are responsible solely on account of fault of a service provider selected by us. Any responsibility on our part is excluded if the participant fails to comply with any instructions issued by us in his/her best interest (e.g., for safety reasons). We suggest that you protect yourself against such risks by taking out accident and/or luggage insurance.


    Any complaints should be communicated by phone to our representatives as soon as it arises. Failure to notify our representative at the time, providing the company the opportunity to rectify the cause of complaint, may result in your loss of any legal rights in respect of the particular matter. If this issue is not solved, then the complaint should be made in writing to the company address within 20 days of the end of your trip.

    Image use

    We reserve the right to use without charges photographs or images from participants for bona fide promoting and marketing purposes.

    Please contact us if you have any questions, doubts or comments, we can also help you selecting the best tour for you. We recommend that you call/email our office first to confirm availability of the tour and dates that you want to take part. Once we receive both your completed reservation form and deposit we will send your confirmation. Detailed information about your trip, train & flight info, starting and ending places & times, how to train for your cycling tour will be sent to you a few weeks before the beginning of the tour.

    Release of liability – standard


    „name of the tour”

    !!This form must be signed by each participant before the ride.

    I hereby declare that I voluntarily participate in the event „name of the event” from „date”. I declare I am physically capable of participating in the event and the equipment I will use will be in proper functioning condition. I acknowledge that I, and I alone, am solely responsible for my personal health and safety, and the personal property I bring with me. I have read the event/tour description and the terms and conditions in the event and I will abide by all rules and regulations established by event organizers. I agree to wear a helmet, adhere to all other event rules, and conduct myself in a safe and prudent manner while participating in the event. I consent to and permit emergency medical treatment in the event of illness or injury, including transportation to a medical facility, and will be responsible for any and all related costs. I hereby declare that I am not participating against medical advice or treatment and that I have not been diagnosed by a registered doctor as having a terminal illness.

    I further declare that, in the event that I feel ill or unwell, have any physical complaints whatsoever or if an injury is sustained of any kind during the course of biking activities, I will notify the organizers immediately and before moving away from the immediate vicinity.

    I assume full responsibility for bicycles, other equipment and ancillary items either rented or used for participation in the guided tour and agree to compensate the organizers for damages caused to equipment, excluding normal wear and tear, and for theft, during the tour period and for such time thereafter until the equipment is returned to the organizer.

    In consideration of being permitted to participate in a tour and/or rent and operate the equipment, the use of which is hereby acknowledged to be an inherently risky activity, each Participant on his own behalf, and on behalf of each minor whose name appears below and with respect to whom the adult Participant is the legal guardian, his heirs, assigns or legal representatives, does hereby release, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless the organizer, its directors, representatives, employees, agents, partners and other participants of, for any and all losses, costs, damages, claims, demands, rights and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, and including any and all negligence claims or causes of action, which may arise and which result from illness, personal injuries, property damage, death or of any other damages or injuries, not included herein, occurring during or resulting from participation in a tour/event and/or rental.

    For safety reasons, we require that all Participants wear a helmet while riding on a tour.




    Signature  of participant:………………….                                            Date:…………………..

    Participant’s name:   ……………………..                                              Age: …………………….

    Cell phone (if applicable and will have during event): ………………………….


    Participants under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian signature, below. As a parent/guardian, I have read the waiver and release form above. I understand and agree to its waiver and release provisions, consent to the emergency medical treatment and will be responsible for any and all costs. I have discussed with the rider the requirements to observe all traffic laws, to wear a helmet and adhere to all other event rules and to act in a safe and prudent manner. I understand that an adult must accompany all participants under the age of 18 at all times.


    Signature of legal parent/guardian if participant is under 18 years of age: …………………………….